The building inspector issued a permit to Above All Roofing and Siding to tear off and replace roof for owner Steven Tardibone at 264 Genesee St., $11,500. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* William Butera, repair front porch, addition to rear deck at 126 Park Place, $500.

* Scott Sweeney Contracting, reshingle roof over one layer for owner Anthony Colella Jr. at 4 Densmore Ave., $3,900.

* John Sanford, tear off and replace roof for owner Deanne J. Bourne at 4 Mary St., $2,000.

* William E. DiFabio, reshingle front porch roof at 140 Wall St., $300.

* Rycoe Enterprises Inc., repair front porch for owner RJC Development at 24 Augustus St., $150.

* Gordon A. Parsons, repair three porches and install one door at 7 Franklin St., $300.

* Shane Younis, extension of siding permit for owner Heather J. Haines at 21 Hamilton Ave., $1.

* Mary Jane Sawyer, install siding at 18 Howard St., $1,700.

* John Davidson, extend siding permit at 2 Franklin St., $1.

* Patrice Henry, install 80 feet of wrought-iron fence at 8 Nelson St., $250.

* Nancy A. Tassone, tear off and replace roof at 21 Cross St., $500.

* Tina M. Smith, install 140 feet of stockade fence at 7 Cameron St., $1,000.

* Robert Kane, install 128 feet of wood stockade fence for owner John J. Valerio at 88 Cottage St., $1,500.

* Robert Faiola, install 40 fee of wood privacy fence at 34 Morris St., $200.

* Elite Services, install 55-feet and 21 feet of wood private and spaceboard for owner Amanda Waby at 51 Maple St., $3,460.

* James E. Edmunds, remodel house at 136 Van Anden St., $10,000.

* Comfort Window Inc., install two doors for owner Allan Graney at 1 Rochester St., $5,600.

* TKTD General Contracting, tear off and replace roof for owner Helen Farrelly at 18 Owasco St., $7,000.