The building inspector issued a permit to AM Comfort Window Co. Inc. to install seven windows for owner Frederick F. Warter at 5 Meadowbrook Drive, $7,284. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Alan Hastings, install 7-by-7 feet shed at 19 Pleasant St., $500.

* Andrew C. Scharoun, kitchen remodel (plumbing not included) at 87 Nelson St., $5,000.

* Comfort Window Co. Inc., install three windows for owner Rachel Hertz at 2 Mattie St., $1,877.

* Gary Baldwin, install double-face, illuminated, free-standing "Tyburn Academy" sign for owner Tyburn Academy at 17 Clymer St., $6,000.

* Coffee Host of CNY Inc., siding for owner Richard Dawley at 73 Arlington Ave., $2,500.

* AM Smith Construction, tear off and replace part of roof and reshingle over existing layer part of roof for owner John E. Patterson at 341 N. Hoopes Ave., $7,000.

* Andrew Bishop, remodel entire house at 84 Grant Ave., $6,300.

* T & E Apartments, repair steps at 55 Walnut St., $100.

* T & E Apartments, install 70-feet of chain-link fence at 5-9 Burt Ave., $200.

* Handy Skills by Mr. Mills, repair front porch roof and deck for owner Donna K. Lamb at 20 Tuxill Square, $7,000.

* Thomas S. Alfieri, remodel two bedrooms in upstairs apartment at 43-45 West St., $300.

* Hurst Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner Shawn Ripley at 211-213 N. Seward Ave., $6,000.

* Marion C. Cool, remodel entire house at 10 Burt Ave., $7,000.

* Evener Contracting, repair front porch and railings for owner William Cunninghma at 43 Perry St., $2,300.

* Joseph Rlu Spinelli, install 10-by-14 feet shed at 88 Chapman Ave., $1,800.

* John Juhl Construction Inc., chimney repairs for owner David Homick at 6 Elizabeth St., $5,000.

* U.S. Bank NA, install 14-by-24 feet shed at 20 Standart Ave., $1.