Tool belt with hardhat and gloves

The building inspector issued a permit to Wegmans Food Markets Inc.  to remodel and/or replace all frozen food cases at 1 Loop Road, $426,000. The inspector also issued the following permits:

* Helmer Construction, tear off and replace roof for owner Thomas A. Hunter at 249 State St., $10,000.

* Joseph E. Saville, tear off and replace part of roof at 23-25 Sherman St., $800.

* Elite Services, install 390 feet of vinyl fene for owner Daniel L. Baker at 70 Elizabeth St., $13,454.

* Connor Fence Co. Inc., remodel kitchen and install one window for owner Linda C. Nielsen at 5 Highland St., $3,000.

* Samuel P. Buttaro, install 10-by-15-feet shed at 81 Seymour St., $0.

* MJS Installed Services, replace garage door for Robert E. Lee at 15 N. Albany St., $1,000.

* Mark Cool, install siding and trim at 22 Lincoln St., $2,000.

* Mark Cool, repair porch at 2-4 Baker Ave., $2,000.

* Unlimited Building Solutions, remodel living room for owner Zachary F. Hass at 27 Perry St., $2,500.

* Justin SanMartin, tear off and replace roof for owner James J. Tremblay at 5 Rock Ave., $1,400.

* Clark F. Cornell, install 8-by-6-feet front porch at 1 Hillside Terrace, $100.

* John Sanford, tear off and replace roof for owner Deanne J. Bourne at 12-14 Frederick St., $2,500.

* William R. Cunningham, install 10-by-15-feet shed at 43 Perry St., $2,500.

* Lord Simon LLC, remodel 20 kitchens for owner Lady Rita LLC at 240-270 McIntosh Drive, $26,000.

* Mark Pinchak, install siding at 111 Franklin St., $5,000.

* Auburn Siding, install 13 windows for owner Richard K. Lusk at 128 S. Seward Ave., $5,200.

* Empire Construction of CNY, tear off and replace roof for owner Robert e. Brown at 49 Arterial West, $12,200.

* Empire Construction of CNY, remodel house for ownr Daniel W. Colella at 5 Church St., $50,000.

* John Juhl Construction Inc., tear off and replace roof for owner Piccollo Properties at 21 Lincoln St., $20,000.

* Northrup Corp., remodel bakery area for owner Wal-Mart at 297 Grant Ave., $12,500.

* Currier Construction, remodel two bathrooms for owner Mary S. Baumes at 98 N. Fulton St., $7,500.

* Todd Nolan, install 10-by-15-feet shed at 150 S. Seward Ave., $500.

* Jonathan Cramer, remodel house at 104 Fitch Ave., $40,000.

* Anthony Falcicchio, install 8-by-14-feet shed at 114 Frances St., $3,900.

* Precision Ramps, install ramp for owner Joseph Sergi Jr. at 34 Perry St., $5,100.

* Empire Construction of CNY, tear off and replace roof for owner Donald J. Downs at 22 Hamilton Ave., $10,500.

* Michelle Jones, remodel lower bedroom and dining room at 29 Parker St., $500.

* Upstate Hardscapes, chimney repair for owner Alice Guilfoos at 78 Pulsifer Drive, $600.

* Synergy Contracting, reshingle roof over one layer for owner Todd R. Post at 69 Lake Ave., $5,000.

* Scott Sweeney Contracting, tear off and replace roof for owner David Borowski at 168 Lake Ave., $5,000.

* Spahn Construction, install door for owner Betty and Rocco Savino at 25 Meadowbrook Drive, $800.

* Spahn Construction, repair/replace porch for owner Ruth Mendillo at 26 Meadowbrook Drive, $1,900.