The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program submits monthly inspection reports to The Citizen in an effort to provide the public with information on surveillance and violations. For additional details or information on the inspection program’s projects, inspections and the watershed’s rules and regulations, visit or call (315) 427-5188 or (315) 237-2066.

• Walked stream channels and inspected the following streams for issues:

Peruville Creek (South of Groton) – no issues

Owasco Inlet (Through Groton) – no issues

Hemlock Creek (West of Locke) - Dry stream bed

Inlet (Through Locke) – no issues

Dresserville Creek (East of Montville) – no issues

• Staff identified and assessed nearly 5 miles of unstable road ditch in Tompkins County portion of watershed.

• Patrolled for animal carcasses discarded into watershed streams and removed one deer carcass from stream on Cedar Swamp Road in Owasco.

• Investigated land clearing along Veness Brook with town of Fleming code enforcement.

• Monitored watershed steams flows and conspicuous water discoloration after late October/early November heavy rainfall. Nearly all major streams were experiencing high flows with light to moderate turbidity. Small streams experienced high flows and were clear to slightly turbid.

• Revisited an agricultural drainage issue being addressed in the Dutch Hollow watershed. Landowner is underway with the planning of long-term corrective action practices involving innovative filtration processes.

• Monitored the efficacy of strategically-placed sediment basin in a freshly cleaned road ditch on Martin Road after heavy rainfall. The basin filled in one day after heavy rainfall in late October/early November.

• Patrolled the watershed for issues and violations.