The Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program submits monthly inspection reports to The Citizen in an effort to provide the public with information on surveillance and violations. For additional details or information on the inspection program’s projects, inspections and the watershed’s rules and regulations, visit or call (315) 427-5188 or (315) 237-2066.

• Monitored the entire lake and sampled numerous suspicious shoreline harmful algal blooms, including drone surveillance of mid-lake areas.

• Assisted state Department of Environmental Conservation with a water quality violation involving poor logging practices in Moravia.

• Discovered and ranked nearly 10 miles of poorly maintained road ditches throughout the watershed in all jurisdictions.

• Provided assistance for a stream repair project in Indian Cove.

• Inspected soil stockpiles and checked progress on the ExpressMart drainage construction project adjacent to the traffic circle in Fleming.

• Investigated reports of unauthorized dumping of contaminants into wetland along Cayuga Street in Moravia.

• Investigated report of unauthorized dumping of prescription containers along southeast shoreline.

• Weekly patrols of all watershed towns, including Skaneateles and Groton, for water quality concerns and violations continue to be conducted.

• Inspection program staff met with DEC regional personnel to better align protective enforcement efforts throughout the Owasco Lake Watershed.