No. 4

4. Roman Reigns squashes The Undertaker. The Undertaker does not look good, folks. Reportedly in need of hip replacement surgery, he staggered through five minutes of the Royal Rumble in visible pain and looked equally immobile during his physical interaction with Reigns on Monday's Raw. The prospect of him going toe-to-toe with the Big Dog for 10 or more minutes at WrestleMania is sincerely scary given how much his hip looks like it could disintegrate at any moment. Sure, he could surprise us, or just stupidly grit his way through the match — but why not limit the risk anyway and give Reigns a quick win? At 52, The Undertaker could be done after this. An authoritative loss to the young Reigns would do the honors in such a way that all but forgives the Dead Man's less-than-generous history with upcoming stars like Bray Wyatt. However, the backlash Reigns could face after such a win might be the furthest thing from generous.

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