Feb. 8, 1938

The Ukrainian-American Citizen Club held its annual meeting Sunday, at the Ukrainian Home. One hundred and fifty-one members were present and 22 new members were accepted.

The following officers were elected: President — Steven Marginsky; vice president, William Nuse; secretary, Michael Kurry; treasurer, William Dowski; trustees, Michael Yachwak, Sam Zanowick, Afton Bayus and John Kokowsky; comptrollers, Kasimer Bogner and Anthony Wilzinski.

Feb. 8, 1953

Awards were presented this afternoon at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art to winners in the health poster contest for county school children conducted by the Women's Auxiliary of the County Medical Association.

First prize in the senior division (Grades 10 to 12) went to Miss Delores Wilczek, a senior at Port Byron Central School. Second prize went to Michael Picciano, a junior at Port Byron Central School. Honorable mention was given to Alan Foster, a junior at West High School, and Frank Perry, a senior at Port Byron Central School.

In the junior division (Grades 6 to 9) first prize was awarded to Miss Clair Randall, a seventh grade pupil at East High School. Second prize went to Miss Carol Reed, an eighth grade pupil at West High School.  Honorable mention was awarded to Miss Patricia Duffy, a seventh grade pupil at Holy Family School, and to Miss Phyllis Jordan, a seventh grade pupil at East High School.

Winner in the sophomore division (Grades 4 to 6) was Betty Ann Job, a fifth grade pupil at Herman Avenue School. Second prize went to Miss Kathy Glancy,  a sixth grade pupil at Herman Avenue School.

Honorable mention went to Michael Tamburo, a fifth grade pupil at Genesee Street School, and Miss Linda Esken, a fifth grade pupil at Rural School, Lakeview.

In the youngest group (Grades 1 to 3) Miss Kathleen O'Connell, a third grade pupil at Moravia Central School, won first prize. Second prize went to Roger Stevens, a second grade pupil at Moravia Central School. Honorable mention went to David Fennessy, Edward Cullen, Gerard Geherin and James Shea in the first grade at Holy Family School.

Feb. 8, 2003

AUBURN — The City Council Thursday hired a Boston firm to do an all-encompassing study of the city's fire department.

MMA Consulting Group will be paid $29,960 to look at staffing, equipment and if a new firehouse is needed. The consultant is expected to finish the study in time for this spring's budget deliberations. The city is in the midst of contract negotiations with the firefighters and assistant fire chief unions.

Last week, councilors voted  2-1 in favor of doing the study. But because two councilors were absent from that meeting, there was some question of whether the measure actually passed ,since it didn't have a three-vote majority. Mayor Melina Carnicelli brought the matter for a revote Thursday, and it passed 3-1. The mayor and councilors Bob Hunter and Bill Jacobs voted yes. David Dempsey, the dissenting vote last week, voted no again, and again, Tom McNabb was absent.

Dempsey said he would like the study be done internally by the city staff. He said his vote was consistent when the study first came up during budget deliberations last spring. He voted no then, too, but was overruled.

The council set aside $25,000 in the 2002-03 budget to complete the study, prompted by the possible need for a new headquarters.

Donated by the Osborne family in 1930, the building that houses the main fire offices and the police station has undergone renovations over the years to accommodate bigger and heavier trucks, fire officials said. In 1990, the city spent about $200,000 to install steel beams and shore up a floor so trucks didn't end up in the basement.

Feb. 8, 2008

UNION SPRINGS — Joel Terry spent half a year working on his award-winning drawing.

An admitted perfectionist, the Union Springs High School senior spent many hours using colored pencils to draw a still life of a duck decoy on a crate amid a watercolor wash backdrop.

Titled "Laid to Rest," the drawing has garnered an American Visions Award as part of the Scholastic Art Awards sponsored locally by Citizen's Bank.

American Visions Awards are given to the top five gold key winners in the art competition. Each winner has received a local award of $100 presented by Hanford Pharmaceuticals and their work will compete in a national competition.

Terry won his American Visions Award based on the gold key win in mixed media and drawing. He also won a gold key for a drawing of a priest standing before a Bible titled "Hallelujah."

He has also won a silver key for artwork submitted for last year's Scholastic Art Awards.

Union Springs High School has two Visions Award winners in its midst as student Laura Dungey has also garnered a win.

About 5,000 entries are submitted to the competition, with 3,000 being individual pieces and 2,000 being portfolios.

Terry credits his art teacher, Jason Charles, with helping him hone his artistic skills during four years of instruction.

 — Compiled by Jean Bennett

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