Nov. 2, 1918

(No Nov. 3, 1918 paper)

There is one Auburn boy who is an out and out "crazy Yankee devil" as the Huns call our fighters and he is Corp. Bernard J. Dwyer, formerly Lieutenant Dwyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dwyer of No. 236 State Street. Corporal Dwyer was all bristles to get into action to such an extent that he gave up his hard earned stripes and as a corporal is now on his way to the front lines having sailed over a week ago.

Nov. 3, 1953


KAHANIAK HONORED — Capt. John Kahaniak (left) who was a prisoner of war for three years in Korea, was honored guest at a three club luncheon this afternoon in Osborne Hotel. Having a chat with Captain Kahaniak before the luncheon in the above scene are the presidents of the host clubs. They are, J. Chadwick McBrien, Rotary; Dr. Anthony LoCastro, Lions; Courtney E. Brintnall, Kiwanis. A parade and meeting are tonight.

Nov. 3, 2003

Kevin Dorsey began playing music as a child, and once he started he knew that music would always be in his life.  The Auburn native is a composer, musician, and music teacher.  Dorsey writes jazz that has a bit of an exotic twist to it.  His music is a combination of world music styles, incorporating exotic rhythms and jazz stylings.  

He is an accomplished musician, gaining most of his music education at such prestigious music schools as the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, where he received a bachelor's of music in music education and the University of Miami, where he received a master's of music in studio jazz writing.  Dorsey teaches general music education at the Seymour Magnet School for International Humanities in Syracuse, and he is an adjunct professor, teaching a guitar class at Cayuga Community College in Fulton.  He also plays with several groups in the Central New York area.

Nov. 3, 2008

Even if there was poor weather Sunday afternoon, Dr. Robert Kiltz, of Skaneateles has a way of shining the best light on things. Kiltz, owner of CNY Fertility Center and CNY Healing Arts Center, admits he did not always have such a bright outlook. Despite his training as a doctor and a successful career, Kiltz still found himself wanting.

Kiltz said in recent years he has taken a deep interest in Eastern philosophies, which have enabled him to find a path that has given him the comfort and answers he had been seeking. This inspired Kiltz to start a blog on his website,, as well as host such as like Sunday's walk and talk.

With a bright sunny day and a crisp fall breeze, Kiltz led his guests on a hike across the Affleck property, even turning the few puddles and bits of overgrowth into a lesson on the perspective of life Kiltz has been sharing.

 — Compiled by Jean Bennett

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