Auburn Community Hospital President/CEO, Scott Berlucchi speaks during a dedication ceremony for the late Dr. Joseph Apone.

Kevin Rivoli, The Citizen

HIT: To a heartfelt tribute by Auburn Community Hospital to one of its own.

The hospital recently recognized the dedication of Dr. Joseph Apone, who died in March. Apone was born and raised in Auburn and most recently worked for about nine years as the overnight physician at ACH, "taking care of the entire hospital" one colleague said, when most of the rest of the staff was home in bed.

It takes a special person to take on such a responsibility — and such unusual work hours — but the people who knew him best said that the doctor did it all for one reason: for the patients.

MISS: To a holiday-weekend incident that left a man with serious injuries.

Police on Sunday charged a Cortland man with vehicular assault and boating while intoxicated for allegedly starting up a power boat and backing into a friend who had been swimming in Skaneateles Lake. The swimmer suffered traumatic injuries and was taken by helicopter for emergency surgery. The only silver lining in this tragedy is that two medical doctors happened to be nearby at the time, so they were able to provide immediate emergency care at the scene.

HIT: To all the help that was provided during and after last weekend's flash flooding in some parts of Cayuga County.

First, of course, were the firefighters and law enforcement officers who attended to urgent public safety needs as roads were washed out and basements began filling with water. The American Red Cross helped find shelter for people evacuated from a flooded apartment complex in Moravia and later, in tandem with the Salvation Army, provided free cleanup kits for people whose homes had suffered water damage.

And there were certainly neighbors who stepped up to help in big ways and small when they saw people in need. We know that none of these people took action for the sake of recognition, but we'd like to offer our thanks.

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