HIT: To a vote of confidence for the Auburn Fire Department.


Auburn was recently upgraded to a "Class 1 city" for having among the top rated fire protection that a city can have. The certification means that fire insurance for local businesses will see a reduction because Auburn has gotten top marks in emergency communication, fire department, water supply and community risk reduction.

Auburn is one of just seven places in the state with the highest ranking insurance classification.

MISS: To the death of a horse from West Nile virus.


The Cayuga County Health Department said the horse was being kept at the south end of Cayuga County when it contracted the disease, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. There have been no other deaths of animals or humans from the disease in the county, the health department said. The public is encouraged to minimize the potential for mosquito bites by wearing shoes, socks, long pants and long-sleeved shirts when outdoors. The health department recommends using mosquito repellent with 20 or 30 percent DEET or Picardin.

HIT: To taking a closer look at media consumption among students.


The Skaneateles school district hosted a community forum this week aimed at helping families recognize safe and productive uses for technology. There's nothing wrong with using tablets and computers for learning, but parents might be wondering where to draw the line on the number of hours their student engages in entertainment or other media online.

It's smart to explore issues like this one, especially when many students spend as much as four hours per day looking at an electronic device.

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