Electronics are collected Saturday at the Auburn landfill.

The Citizen file

HIT: To perfect timing for a recycling event.

At a time of year when many families purchase updated electronic equipment, Auburn and Cayuga County teamed up for an event in which people could drop off televisions and computers they no longer want.

Drop-off days like the one held Saturday give people a convenient way to rid themselves of unwanted items, while at the same time doing something environmentally friendly. Many of the components that make up modern electronics can be recycled. The parts that can't can then be properly disposed of, rather than ending up in a landfill or, worse yet, abandoned in the great outdoors.

MISS: To an allegation of auto theft in Auburn.

Police said that a woman who was unable to rent a car for herself tricked a neighbor into making the transaction instead. She then "ripped" the keys out of the other person's hand, got in the car, and took off, police said.

We can't imagine a person being so desperate to get somewhere that they might commit a felony, but that's the charge this woman is facing. When police eventually caught up with her, she was charged with grand larceny and sent to the county jail.

HIT: To upgraded facilities for a busy service agency.

ARISE Cayuga/Seneca, a nonprofit serving people with disabilities, recently moved into a larger space in Auburn where it will be better able to tend to its many missions. The agency has been around since the '70s, but now serves more than 2,000 people since merging with Options for Independence.

Regardless of its address, we hope that the additional office space will help ARISE do what it does best: help people.

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