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Simplex Manufacturing Co. celebrates 100 years as family-owned manufacturer in Auburn this year.

Kevin Rivoli, The Citizen

HIT: To the many Easter egg hunts that took place in the Cayuga County area over the past several weeks.

From the large gatherings like the one that draws thousands at Hoopes Park in Auburn to the small events at rural municipal buildings and community churches, egg hunts are a fun way for families with small children to share the holiday season with friends and neighbors.

Thanks to the many volunteers who plan and put on these programs.

MISS: To a series of grease fires in the city of Auburn recently.

A city resident suffered serious burns in a fire that started on a stove top on Friday. The Auburn Fire Department noted that it has responded to multiple fires the past few weeks caused by cooking that got out of control.

Cooking on the stove, especially with oils, is something that must be done with careful attention. And when a fire does start, it's important to take proper steps to keep it from becoming a bigger problem.

"If you have a fire on the stove top in a pan, put a cover on the pan and try not to move it," a fire department spokeman said last week. "Usually the best way to extinguish it is to cover the fire."

These fires are also an unfortunate reminder for everyone to have working smoking alarms in their residence, and to have access to a fire extinguisher.

HIT: To the leadership and employees at Simplex Manufacturing Co., an Auburn company that has reached an impressive milestone: 100 years in business.

The Dunning Avenue company has kept a low profile over its century of business, but it has thrived on providing consistently good products and quality services for its customers.

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