Car Charger

Auburn Mayor Michael Quill and city councilor Jimmy Giannettino cut the ribbon on Auburn's first electric vehicle charging station.

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HIT: To a plan to reduce food waste.

The Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency is starting a program to help get more food to people who need it. The state-funded initiative involves picking up unwanted food from farms, grocery stores and restaurants for distribution to food pantries.

Representatives will be trained in food security to make sure that all perishable and non-perishable foods being collected are safe to distribute. This program can make a real impact in area hunger and keep perfectly good food from being thrown away.

MISS: To an inmate who proved that he's still a danger to others.

The former Auburn Correctional Facility prisoner was in court this week for sentencing on two assaults committed in 2015 when he attacked another inmate with a soup-can lid and also injured an officer who tried to break up the fight. Now being held at Attica, the multi-felony offender got another three to six years added to his sentence.

HIT: To a jolt of good news for Auburn.

The city recently unveiled a charging station at the downtown parking garage for use by electric vehicles. Owners of electric cars need to be careful about taking long trips, because they don't want to get caught too far from their next charge. To that end, New York state, Cayuga County and Auburn are all taking part in an initiative to create more and more charging stations.

We're not sure what the demand will be in downtown Auburn, but if this charging station makes it more likely that more people will visit the city, we're all for it.

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