HIT: To the multitude of Cayuga County-area events celebrating the Christmas season.

Downtown Auburn held its annual parade as a means of bringing the community together; Skaneateles again brought Charles Dickens characters to life; and area churches — each in its own way — brought people together to celebrate Christmas in ways that had nothing to do with shopping.

And as the religious observance grew near, Auburn Alliance Church held a live nativity with actors, singers and farm animals that families were invited to visit on a snowy Saturday night.

MISS: To injuries suffered by an Auburn police officer.

When police were called a second time to the same address for a disturbance Friday night, the man who was causing all the trouble decided he wasn't going to go quietly. Police said that the man punched an officer in the head, causing a concussion. The officer fought back and eventually got control of the situation.

The officer was treated at Auburn Community Hospital. The assault suspect was taken to the Cayuga County Jail.

MISS: To some sloppy weather for the official start of winter.

As people were busy finishing up school terms, projects at work and Christmas shopping, Mother Nature decided to send down a mix of rain, sleet and snow. The roads were so covered with snow and ice Friday morning that many people who ventured out never got to where they were going. Police officers and fire department crews responded to dozens of accidents Friday and Saturday, as highway workers tried their best to clear the way.