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HIT: To a decline in smoking.

Statistics show that the percentage of New York adults who smoke fell to 14.2 percent in 2016 — below the national average of 15.5 percent — and a 22 percent drop from 2011.

The state credits the decrease as being related to New York's anti-smoking initiatives such as the high tobacco tax and laws prohibiting smoking in many public places. But whatever the reason, it's no secret that smoking is an unhealthy habit, so we hope the downward trend continues.

MISS: To a felon who skipped town rather than face the music.

They say that an elephant never forgets. Well, neither do the police. A woman who was sentenced to jail time and probation in 2012 for stealing jewelry to fund her drug addiction was also supposed to have returned to court on separate charges of selling drugs. But she instead left the area, prosecutors said, and remained out of sight until recently being picked up in New York City.

She pleaded guilty this week to the old charges and was sent to the county jail. At this point, authorities will know where to find her when it comes time for sentencing.

HIT: To taking higher education all the way to the top.

Auburn native Jon Westover has been picked as one of just 50 officials from across the country to come up with suggestions for U.S. education policy. Westover currently works in admissions at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As a member of the Higher Education Committee of 50, he will help Congress focus the future of higher education.

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