Thank you to the people of Auburn for the opportunity to serve as your city councilor. My experiences on the council over the past four years have reinforced my belief that Auburn is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

This Nov. 7 I will be a candidate for re-election and I ask for your support so that we can continue important work in the following areas:

1. City finances. You will recall that four years ago city finances were broke and fixing them was my top concern. Together with Mayor Quill and Councilor McCormick we immediately went to work to fix city finances. We hired a very competent city comptroller and we integrated long-term financial planning into city budgeting. This put our city into a much-improved financial situation. Do you remember that four years ago council meetings used to be filled with talk of cutting firefighters and eliminating important government services? We changed that and with our city in a much-improved and stable financial position we can be focused on delivering essential local government services. We must continue in this financially stable direction, we cannot go backwards.

2. Safe public drinking water. Water is our most important asset. Protecting our public drinking water supply has been a priority during this first term. I have worked to be informed and engaged with local, state and federal officials to address the immediate and long-term threats to our drinking water and the Owasco Lake Watershed. Without safe public drinking water Auburn and Cayuga County have nothing. We must remain vigilant as we work through short-term fixes and long-term solutions for our public water supply and this work will be my top priority during a second council term.

3. Economic improvements. Downtown Auburn’s improved economic status has provided the foundation for our city becoming an even greater destination for businesses, residents and visitors. In the past four years we have worked to cultivate a council that works in partnership with others to make economic development happen. The future success of our local economy depends on a city council that works to support and partner with future investors in an accountable and respectful manner. We cannot return to days when city councilors obstructed progress in our downtown, let’s keep this positive economic momentum going.

Thank you and please remember to vote this Nov. 7.

Terry Cuddy


Cuddy is an Auburn city councilor