In my 27 years of writing well over 1,000 (world record) letters to the editor, I'd estimate I've had at least 100 critical letters published in The Citizen admonishing me for writing. What is it people, don't you want to know "the facts" of life (life as it really is)?

My last two critics were all over me writing totally inaccurate criticism. One said The Citizen shouldn't publish any more of my letters, and tried to discredit me because some letters I sent in for one reason or another (got lost in the system, or lost in the mail) or rejected. More than likely that was a 50-50 deal. So publishing 90 percent of my letters isn't bad. In reality, it's an A. I'll take that any day and I'll also give myself an A for doing something no one else in the world has ever done (writing the most letters ever to the editor). Also an A for determination.

It seems that the only ones who ever write to The Citizen over the years criticize me. I've never seen anyone giving me credit by writing something positive about my letters. Twenty-seven years and not one letter of praise. It doesn't matter.

Not too many ever praised Jesus either. Being his disciple is enough glory for me. And yes, I do consider myself his disciple because I answered his call, "Go forth and be disciples of the Lord." I've made it my mission in life to carry on his message. Jesus wasn't a quitter and I'm not either. Through thick and thin and criticisms alone, I'm hanging tough.

With all the problems in the world, I write letters trying to correct those problems. Quite apparently, they're mostly falling on deaf ears. And why do my critics, over the years, have nothing else to write about than me?

I don't know how many times I've discussed the real purpose of our creation. Quite apparently no one cared to know it, because criticizing me is not what we were created for.

Interacting on behalf of our fellow man, for the good of our fellow man, is our main purpose in life.

At least one-third of my letters have been about God. Am I the only one showing good Christian behavior? It sure seems that way. I was the only one that wrote back to the letter writer mocking God's existence. Where were you, fellow Christians? I know Jesus has got my back, and he knows I got his. It doesn't get any better than that.

Murray Lynch