It has been many years since I lived in Auburn, with the last 28 being in Vermont. Family and personal matters do however allow me to return regularly and I still subscribe to The Citizen’s digital edition.

Recently, while on vacation with my wife, I thought I recognized a familiar face, though never having personally met him. Sure enough, it was Mayor Mike Quill and his wife. The four of us had several long, very pleasant conversations, naturally centered around Auburn. These ranged from “do you remember” to politics, the rebirth of downtown, etc. The mayor demonstrated not only a thorough knowledge and respect for his hometown but the kind of caring we would hope to find in someone with such deep generational roots in a community.

At a time when so many elected officials seem more concerned with self service rather than community service, it was very refreshing to see someone whose approach is focused on what he sincerely believes is in the best interest of his lifetime home.

Auburn is fortunate.

Brad Schwartz

Fairfax, Vermont