I have enormous respect for the editorial board of The Citizen. The opinions they put forth usually make sense to me. Their opinion on not endorsing Terry Cuddy for council has got me thinking though. The language of the board was especially troublesome. It seemed that his leadership was considered as being a "ringleader"; his genuine concern for our community was labeled as "wearing his activist hat."

My opinion is that there is no such thing as being too zealous in defense of our lakes. Terry and his activism offer our best chances at turning back years of disregard for the welfare of our most valued community asset. The actions that have been proposed may seem radical to some but why not take the extra measures when talking our economic future and the quality of our drinking water. Terry Cuddy has demonstrated time and again that he has the passion and the guts to speak up on behalf of others and I, for one, am extremely grateful that he was re-elected. The folks on the editorial board may eventually come around to thinking about him in a different light.

Douglas Ward