Ever since I was young I was able to see that my uncle, Terry Cuddy, was a good, honest man. He was the kind of guy that actually practiced what he preached when it came to the saying “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Whether it came to setting an example for us kids, performing with his band, or teaching his students at BOCES, everyone could tell that he put in 100 percent and got just as much, if not more satisfaction out of it all.

I know I can say with certainty that he is someone who has always followed his passions. We are able to see these passions shine through within his music, artwork and ideas. When he told us he was running for Auburn City Council, I was too young and uninformed to really understand what the position meant at the time, I just thought it was cool to see my uncle's name on all these campaign signs scattered throughout Auburn in everyone’s front lawn.

When I actually paid attention to the process and how serious and dedicated he was to his campaign, I realized just how important this position was and how much it would mean to the citizens of Auburn to have him elected. I remember going to some of the city council meeting and admiring the way he acted with professionalism and integrity.

From what I can tell, being a member of the city council is a lot of tiring, difficult work. This brings us all back to the point that I started with; my uncle enjoys bettering our city, and he works very hard to do so. He does this because he wants Auburn, the town that raised him, to prosper. And he will work and push for the people’s wants and needs no matter how big or how small. Be it a citizen worried about the spread of the cicada bugs, repairing potholes, or hanging up banners to promote community involvement in the rich history Auburn has to offer, he is listening. In an age where politics can be very skewed in its nature, we need an honest, genuine man to help guide our city in the right direction. And I firmly believe my uncle, Terry Cuddy, is the one that will make a difference.

Liam Cuddy