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In regard to Cuomo's Crooked Campaign Chest.

It seems odd to me that instead of money going to those who need it, especially here in upstate New York, it is instead going to his campaign chest and also his big fat ego.

What has he done for upstate New York? I will tell you. Passed the marriage act which violates the sacred laws of the Bible, and what is more it is abominable and disgusting, and the way he blackmailed the legislators into passing it on Monday June 13, 2011.

Also he has passed the abortion act for women. That is about all he has done.

As for doing something for the little person, he has done absolutely zero. Ziltch!

I did not vote for him in the last two elections, and I will not vote for him the third time around. This V.A. doctor that was in the news this morning, this Dr. Cuyler, (is accused of abusing) male patients. Perhaps he was encouraged by this ... society which venerates homosexuality.

William Hopkins