Maybe I am wrong and someone can correct my misunderstandings. Here in Auburn our city and county leaders (elected officials) say how great things are. They rave about how state grants and how so-called “Cuomo Hunger Games" gifts of free money are making things so much better for us privately employed homeowners.

These gifts from the state let city officials change city codes, build “huge” welcome centers in small parking lots, remove asbestos and build new $1,000,000 facades on dilapidated buildings. They classify these as economic development. Then I see where a 165-year-old New York state-born company called Corning Glass is building a $275 million dollar manufacturing facility and a promise to add over 400 jobs in Durham, North Carolina.

Where was Auburn’s and New York state’s sugar daddy Andy Cuomo on this subject? Was the Bombardier Building too small? Was Technology Park and the empty buildings down there too close to the dump? Was the Fingerlakes Mall with the land and their $8 million dollar price tag too expensive? Just a few questions I have for the state, county and city so-called leaders.

John C. Cool