No matter how many times the GOP lies to the American people, no one seems to remember anything. President Reagan originated "trickle down economics." Nothing tricked anywhere; his tax cuts benefited the rich and the result was a recession and runaway inflation. Working Americans got nothing.

In 18 months George W. Bush blew through the budget surplus his dad and President Clinton made possible and his huge tax breaks to the rich resulted in a monstrous budget deficit and the recession of 2008. Both Reagan and Bush said that their tax breaks would help business create more jobs. It didn't happen and the gap between working Americans and the wealth has only grown larger since.

After all is said and done the Republican party is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich while the rest of us are left out in the cold. To phrase it another way, the wealthy take the elevator and the rest of us get the shaft and that is what the GOP is and always has been about.

The current tax revision is the biggest assault on working Americans in my life time; no new jobs will be created, the gap between the normal working-class Americans and the wealthy will widen and the GOP will stand up, smile and lie about all great things they do for us.

Ernie DeCaro