I've hunted since I was a kid.

In our family, if we killed something, we ate it. We don't believe in killing just for the act of killing. But I love being in the fields in the fall, trying to outsmart the pheasants (which I rarely do).

I learned gun safety right from my father and uncles, and treasure my childhood memories of big family gatherings during pheasant hunting season in Nebraska.

I despise what the national NRA stands for. Really? The Constitution means citizens, including citizens with mental illness, have a right to possess military-grade weaponry? Really? What the heck does that have to do with hunting? What does that have to do with the right to own a hunting or self-defense weapon?

No citizen has a right to possess weapons designed for crime and mass murder.

I don't believe universal background checks for all gun sales violates anyone's rights. With rights come responsibilities. Time for America to grow up.

I realize many local hunters belong to the NRA, and I mean no disrespect. But I also know some boys never grow up and still want to play army as an adult, and just have to have an automatic weapon for their collection. But what happened in Las Vegas was not a game. The radically increased danger to law enforcement from automatic weapons in the hand of criminals is not funny.

I know the NRA claims to stand for the little guy/gal who just likes to shoot skeet once in a while, but that's a trick. The NRA is about protecting gun manufacturer's and gun seller's profits.

The NRA claims that people like me "want to take away everyone's guns." That's not true. But common sense gun controls are a necessity in a modern society.

Jim Ellis