From 2012 to 2015, I had the honor of representing Auburnians as a Councilman. In 2015, I ran for re-election, as I thought the work had just begun. As you know, my second bid for election was unsuccessful, but it is with renewed energy and unwavering passion to make Auburn a better place to live that I write this letter of introduction as a candidate in the 2017 race for City Council.

Over the last years, I have observed the direction Auburn is headed – some see the blossoming downtown district as a fantastic sign of growth, but I look at it as the tip of the iceberg. It's crucial now – more than ever – that we hitch these signs of growth to future-conscious planning at the city government level. This means fiscal responsibility and wisely spent taxpayer dollars. To ignite these sparks of growth within the city, I propose three initial promises to kick off my campaign for City Council:

1.) Stop raising taxes - The cost of living in New York State is already high, and the fact is that we just cannot afford to go on like this. Restructuring the city budget is a first and easily achievable step toward raising the value of living in Auburn and lowering the cost. I am ready to reach across the aisle to my colleagues to find solutions that are in the best interest of ALL tax paying citizens.

2.) Townhall Tuesdays - Democracy functions best when the body and its political representatives have an open, public, two-way stream of communication. I am proposing bi-monthly townhall meetings, open to the public, and available via livestream online to open this route of communication. Your agenda IS my agenda, and I am eager to share and listen to your ideas to make Auburn the best that it can be.

3.) Progress Expositions – There was a time when Auburn was a booming center of industry. The factories are mostly gone, but the spirit is not. This proposition is to hold bi-monthly, city-sponsored career and industry expos – to showcase existing Auburn businesses, provide career opportunities to current and potential residents of Auburn, and lure new businesses and industry to the area.

Moving forward, there are many possible futures on the horizon for Auburn. I am confident that, given the opportunity, I can help secure the brightest future for the city we call home.

John Camardo