Mr. Trump often accuses the left-wing media of spreading "fake news." What we have on both the left and the right is more like fake journalists. While it is clear that Mr. Trump cannot put together one complete, coherent, sentence we should hold alleged journalists to a higher standard. To begin with, they should learn what the words "less," "amount" and "between" mean.

For example ... it should be "fewer" (not less) people, "number" (not amount) of people, and "among" (not between) the three. I feel bad (not badly) about their lack of grammar skills. Also, It is "infrastructure" not "intrastructure" and someone needs to tell right-wing "journalists" in particular that it is the "Democratic" Party not the "Democrat" Party. Other thoughts ... how can it still be "BREAKING NEWS" when the exact same story has been breaking news for over a day?

Are there any average or below average-looking female journalists on TV or are beautiful females simply the best journalists? Why can't even one reporter read a quote that is posted on the screen word for word ... aren't journalists taught that quotes matter? Why does CNN routinely misspell words on their bottom scroll? When a mass-shooting happens why do news networks rush to be the first to list the numbers of dead and injured only to get the numbers wrong ... couldn't they simply wait and get it right?

But there are bigger fish to fry concerning the issue of shoddy journalism. Reporters do not properly challenge statements made by those whom they interview. One journalist let a GOP leader get away with falsely stating that Obamacare was rushed through just as the GOP tax plan was. The other day Trump stated that Democrats agree that there has been no collusion with Russia. "Really ... could you name even one of those Democrats?" was the question never asked by any reporter.

How about the bogus assertion by White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and repeated as fact by the left-wing media) that the issue of Trump's admitted molestation of women has been litigated as it was known before the election and the people decided. The response never made was "But the actual decision of the people is reflected in the popular vote not the Electoral College number and, if the election was truly a referendum, the American people repudiated Trump and his policies by choosing Hillary Clinton." Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave.

Thomas Hanley