I want to thank John Katko for voting for tax cuts. Businesses need the freedom to thrive without being choked by burdensome tax percentages and regulations. The government does not produce any wealth, but wealth is created by our country's businesses.

We keep hearing that this tax bill favors the rich and that the government should take more from the rich and give to the poor. That is the idea behind Socialism: government takes a large percentage of the people's wealth and redistributes it as they see fit. The government controls businesses and makes it very difficult to own property. It has never worked in other countries, so why do people think it would work here?

While we should care for people who really need help, there are others who have an "entitlement mentality." They envy those who are rich. But the rich didn't make them poor. It is often moral or social problems that cause poverty. Furthermore, why should we expect people to be more equal in everything when people have different abilities, and work ethics, and goals in life?

Business owners and entrepreneurs bear the risk for a venture and CEOs make decisions that can make or break a company. The skills of a good executive are extremely rare and extremely valuable.

Basic to a free society, is our right to the fruits of our labor. For early immigrants, the American Dream was to work, save and buy property. But there are valuable things money could never buy: freedom of religion, love, joy, peace, and integrity of character.

As for those who say it's not just to give a tax break to the rich consider this: The top 50 percent of wage earners pay 97 percent of the taxes. People who don't work at all receive a tax refund and low wage earners receive more in a tax refund than they paid in.

Congressman Katko, thank you for voting for a bill that should help promote economic growth and be more fair to the middle class.

Virginia VanOstrand