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After the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, liberal protesters stood in front of Representative Katko’s district offices and complained that he offered sanitized “thoughts and prayers” after teenagers were murdered.

They were lying.

Representative Katko offered a powerful response that came from the heart. He spoke about how no parent should fear for their child’s safety when they drop them off at school. He voiced his frustration with both parties’ failures to address bipartisan gun reforms. He argued that in order to make our kids safer, politicians needed to have a conversation that “Make both sides of the political aisle a little uncomfortable.”

I also recently read in The Citizen how Representative Katko is considering legislation that both Republicans and Democrats can get behind, considering legislation that would require universal background checks for firearms purchases as well as raising the minimum age to buy a gun.

Thank you, John Katko, for keeping your word and for continuing to seek bipartisan answers on all issues.

Chantell Hotaling