Auburn Police Local 195 is proud to endorse the re-election of Councilor Debby McCormick and Councilor Terry Cuddy in 2017!

The progress over the last four years is undeniable. Positive change is happening every day. Downtown is thriving and people are excited about our city's future. These things don't happen on their own. They happen because we have dedicated leaders that care about the standard of living that Auburn provides for its residents. They have devoted the last four years of their life to ensuring this quality of life that we all enjoy. They have worked tirelessly to listen, learn, and lead our city through this period of growth and development. As we move forward, we look to continue down this path with their dedication and guidance. Please vote for Debby McCormick and Terry Cuddy on Nov. 7 to make their re-election bid a successful one!

Christopher Major


Major is vice president of the Auburn Police Local 195