Are you like me, when you first pick up the Sunday Citizen, after reading the obituaries, do you turn to the Legends of Auburn written by Ormie King? This column enriches us with information about our past history. The people and events that made Auburn great!

We meet, through Ormie’s column, the people in sports, politics, industry who made Auburn legendary in these areas. The people who laid the foundation for who we are today. The families, friends and even strangers who did so much for our community. Ormie’s column helps us to celebrate local birthdays and anniversaries while it also gives us pause to remember, say a prayer for and give thanks for those who have passed. We can read many articles about famous sports people, world leaders, leaders of industry and other areas but Ormie’s column gives us the personal touch.

Ormie writes to help us remember our past, taking pride in who we were and gives us hope for our future. Cayuga County has a rich history in all areas and we should celebrate that history! Thanks for the pictures that you paint through your column, Ormie. The pictures help us see Don Poole making the winning shot for Holy Family High School basketball team, Frank Reginelli leading the nation in kick-off returns in college, Gus Bell setting records at Auburn High and the many women breaking the barrier to play sports and having an impact on local industry and government.

The leaders of industry like the Gallager family, who own the oldest family-run company in our area. There are many more people who should be mentioned and recognized; I will leave that for Ormie to do in one of his future columns. Thank you for all the memories! You, Ormie King, truly are a "Legend of Auburn."

Helen Delaney