This past Tuesday, Mr. Hanley was very generous of thinking "Donald" "would be lucky to be head bag boy" and "doing an honest day's work." I'm not that generous. His day of work would most likely be groping the cashier as she's ringing out a customer AND making moves on the female shoppers. Telling them what a great guy he is and lavishing compliments of their beauty, then repeatedly to other females. That probably is the only honest day's work as he (Trump) sees it. I wonder if the Donald even knows what a shopping bag looks like?

Anyway, on another note, my appointment at the VA hospital led me to another state of extreme cautiousness. I was the only female in the waiting room with several men. The various men had been in different wars I'm guessing based on age and appearance. The subject of the NFL united arm and arm and some kneeling or sitting down came up as well as our American flag. Though there's probably an almost split opinion over the NFL, it sounded to me that the men were all expressing a consistent blame of the "Donald."

I salute Sen. John McCain and the very few Republicans who have claimed they will vote "NO" to the whole healthcare dichotomy. When can the impeachment proceedings start?! This is the most involvement I have expressed in my several decades as a voter seemingly just following the crowd. I can only acknowledge that I have been very humbled and lost my rose-colored glasses somewhere. I seem to be suffering from a "disease"of Trumpism. Every time he asserts what he calls the truth, my blood pressure goes up, anger sets in. Paul Ryan needs a corset to straighten up and stand up to instead of bowing to the"Donald." The leaders of our government have altered our democracy. Instead a democracy for the people, it is hypocrisy of the No. 1 and the breakdown of democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. I guess all that doesn't fit in Trump's tweets. Too many "of, by, and for" the people, he can't fit the pulse of his ego in the tweets. It's hard! I have trouble keeping to the point with the limit of 400 words!

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