Relative to the major sports this is definitely the era of muscle management. It’s the decade of total tattooing and most certainly the year of the beard. The horror, the horror, the horror. The muscling up is indubitably the major cause for all these catastrophic sports injuries here, there and everywhere. Back in the day one hardly ever heard of any major sports injury. Why? Because in the weight room lifting weights and spending so much time there was almost non-existent. Look at football and all the big strong bodies (basketball too) banging into each other with terrific impact. How can serious injury not happen?

Well that’s my opinion on that one horror. Moving onto the second one (total tattooing) back in the day tattoo parlors hardly existed. Today they get them here, there and everywhere. Sports players (especially pro players) can’t seem to get enough of them. One NBA player had them all over his body, even on his head. Well he certainly was able to draw attention to himself if that was his intention. But as to looking sharp, like a pro athlete should look, no way.

Let’s face it, to the average onlookers most tattoos just come across as big black markings hard to make out as to what they are. Yes, the ones with tattoos on them find them most definitely to their liking but to onlookers all they can make out are big black markings. But with all the outrageously big salaries pro athletes earn they have to spend their money somehow and it seems to be on tattoos.

Onto the third horror, the beards of baseball. Horrible, horrible, horrible. It’s like monkey see, monkey do. One guy has it so they all have to have it. If they kept it well-groomed it wouldn’t look so bad. But most look like they’ve been living like mountain men, and yes, even cavemen. I guess it’s all supposed to give them a feeling of being mucho macho. But to a typical onlooker, the 30 year old, and younger, bearded wonders come across as mucho scruffy. I have nothing against beards but I don’t think I want to have one just because everyone else does. I mean come on, overly paid pro athletes looking scruffy and unkempt is unprofessional. The bottom line on all these bearded wonders, it does nothing positive for their appearance.

Kudos to the New York Yankees for being the only pro sports team not allowing silly looking old beards and silly looking hair.

Murray Lynch​