What is happening to our country?! What can be done to stop the madness that has become so prevalent in our society?! Let’s step back and re-examine ourselves for we are in peril. Relativism, the most dangerous of them all, has reduced us to our current situation which is cannot be atoned.

Relativism, which considers all opinions true even if they are contradictory, is the greatest problem of our time. Like stop-and-go lights there are barriers and boundaries. At red we stop. At yellow we proceed with caution and at green the coast is clear. In our rush to be tolerant we have overstepped our boundaries and accepted the unacceptable such as some peaceful protests have turned into lawless rioting and looting overstepping boundaries and defying the laws of our land. Innocents have been falsely accused, ruining lives. Beware the spoken and written words; they define you. Stand up and be counted.

Lucy Cacciotti​