Dear Congressman John Katko: Regarding your fund-raising email, which stated:

"Nancy Pelosi and the far left are coming to our district in full force in 2018, and we need you on our team to make a difference.

"There are far-left candidates popping out of the woodwork who want to bring their radical policies to Central New York. John needs you on our team to keep them at bay and fight back against Pelosi and her political machine.

"We only have a few days, Diane. The far left can’t take back our voice and trample over our CNY values."

(1) Nancy Pelosi is not running against you.

(2) Nancy Pelosi is not a member of the "far left."

(3) Nancy Pelosi is not a demon — contrary to the non-stop smear campaign you and Republicans have waged against her for too many years.

(4) Nancy Pelosi has never been embroiled in a scandal.

(5) Nancy Pelosi has been hailed as one of the most effective speakers of the house — ever.

(6) Nancy Pelosi is not out to "trample over our CNY values" which you do not identify.

(7) Nancy Pelosi was instrumental in passing historic health care legislation — WHICH MOST OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS WANT — so I count that as a CNY value.

(8) Speaker Pelosi and the house passed over 230 key measures, with 70 percent having significant bipartisan support. Can the current republican house leadership say the same? I think NOT.

STOP waging tribal warfare! You may disagree with her, but your disgusting smear campaign against a dedicated public servant is repugnant.

START working across the aisle and actually represent the best interest of your constituents - not just the 1 percent and corporate donors. That's what government is supposed to do.

Diane Brickman