I would like to thank Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann for responding to my letter. I (as I’m sure most people) was not aware of the law allowing convicted drug dealers judicial diversion-community supervision. You refer to the case of Britny Hamilton, saying you strongly opposed community-diversion. My question is, who does the final decision lie with? Is it our county judge or is it on the state level?

I don’t presume to know the law or the inner workings of our court system; what I am is a mother whose child died. I only know what I read in the paper. And when I read that article I was livid and wanted answers; I was furious at the sentence this woman received. I thought the amount of drugs alone was a definite prison sentence.

I am all for education and treatment but it seems to me the laws need changing. If the drug dealer gets caught they can just fall back on “I’m an addict.”

In 2006 we were not in a crisis of an epidemic of overdoses. There is not a community in the United States that is not affected from heroin and fentanyl.

We need to get this poison off our streets and out of our communities. And to me, it starts with selling it, those making a profit off all those loved ones. If they want treatment, get it in prison, but get them off our streets first.

I applaud DA Budelmann, Auburn Police Department and Sheriff David Gould for their hard work and dedication on this. Please know this was not meant as a personal attack on DA Budelmann; my anger, frustration and betrayal lie with laws that need changing.

This cause is very personal and close to my heart. I will continue to speak up and speak out on this. I encourage all who read this to join me and all who are working for change. We have lost too many not to.

Cindy Cooper