Terry Cuddy is the real deal, and we need him to stay on city council.

Election Day is soon upon us and so I am writing to acknowledge my commitment to vote for Terry Cuddy on Nov. 7. When I meet people I talk about where I live and the amazing things we have happening in our city. They often assume I grew up here. I did not. My husband didn't either. We choose to make Auburn our home and we love it! I am proud to be a resident and homeowner in the city of Auburn, NY. Is our city perfect? Heck no. Do we have people who care a great deal about our city? Heck yes we do. Terry Cuddy is one of them. I am voting for Terry because the things he is fighting for are the things that important to me and my family, like clean, safe drinking water.

I am the mom to two young boys and I want them and their friends and all of the children in our region to enjoy safe drinking water, to swim and play in our amazing lakes and to have a healthy life — now and for their whole lives. I am voting for Terry because he is fighting to ensure that treasure stays healthy for all.

Terry Cuddy is the real deal. Not only has he been a city councilor for the past four years, he has committed to serve another four, all while continuing to teach as he has for 20 years, find time to be active in the community with his family and rock out some tunes too.

I am proud of what Terry Cuddy has done for the city of Auburn and I am voting YES to Terry for four more years on Nov 7. Join me.

Katie MacIntyre