The Trump administration is combing federal agencies for employees potentially "disloyal" to Mr. Trump and his Fox News Fake Populist agenda. EPA scientists who dare to be concerned with climate change are now suspect. Republican FBI officials, appointed by Mr. Trump, are under fire because they won't quash the agency's investigation into Russian ties to the administration.

In fact, Mr. Trump has repeatedly belittled and undercut not just the leadership of our intelligence agencies, but the thousands of officers and agents who put their lives on the line every day for our country. Please note that the Trump administration is not assessing employees' loyalty to the Constitution — Mr. Trump does not believe in our Constitution. In spite of Mr. Trump's efforts, we don't live in a Russian-style autocracy — yet. This is America — we don't screen employees' political or religious views. In America, no one's above the law — including the president. Cayuga County Republicans, I'm asking you respectfully: do you agree with that statement? We got rid of our King 241 years ago.

Jim Ellis