New beginnings:

The past is done, the future uncertain, all we have is now. Shall we not make the most of it?! The tapestry of life is so intricately woven it forms a pattern which is constantly evolving. We have the power today to focus on self-examination and connect with our inner selves. What a wonderful gift.

One person can start a chain of events that can be life fulfilling. You could be the catapult for our new beginning, one of a kind and priceless. Start today because ideas without action are fruitless.

Make a list or just one thing you would like to eradicate from your personality and work at it daily until it becomes so embedded in your mind and actions it will become a realization in your life. Try it. It not only opens creative juices it stimulates your mind, delivers you from inertia and accepts the vagaries of life. It focuses on others instead of ourselves. It can make you happier and brighten your world. We are so fortunate. Let’s go on to newer beginnings.

Stand up and be counted.

Lucy Cacciotti