SKANEATELES | After years of receiving website services for free, the town now needs to hire a company to redevelop its online presence.

Bill Aaron offered his time and expertise to create and maintain the town's website. With his passing in December, the town no longer has a webmaster.

"He's maintained the site for many years, free of charge. ... All these years (the town) saved money because he donated his services to the town," Supervisor Terri Roney said.

Thursday, the Skaneateles Town Board agreed to collect Requests for Proposals from companies to update the site with an emphasis on accessibility and ease of use, for both residents and town officials. Roney said the town will own the site and have internal control over content.

"It's up to us to really develop the parameters of what we want the website to do," Roney said. "The good news is that we can say things like we want to be the owners of the website, which we do. We want to be able to control it. We want to be able to make it administrator-friendly, as well as user-friendly. Administrator friendly as far as being able to add or delete information, put up pictures and all sorts of things like that."

She added that the goal is to make information accessible to residents interested in current matters discussed by the town's various boards. The future site should allow town officials to have the ability to post photos, agendas and notices while maintaining an archive.

The town will accept bids for the service, which likely will cost between $5,000 to $9,000, until mid-April. Officials will open the bids at 10 a.m. Monday, April 15.


  • The Onondaga County Department of Transportation hosted a meeting Tuesday regarding a planned replacement of a bridge on Jordan Road in Skaneateles Falls in 2014.
  • The cemeteries are on track to open April 15.
  • The Skaneateles Rotary volunteered to paint the Simms Building restrooms at Austin Park.

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