Although keeping plants alive and robust is one of my talents, even I appreciate a plant that's easy to take care of.

With a busy schedule and about 25 plants to look after, the durability of spider plants is attractive to me, and I can always count on them. Other plants tend to fall prey to root rot, bugs and a host of other problems, but my spider plants are tried and true.

I have four or five potted spider plants and two or three more in water growing their roots. They all stem from a long family line of spider plants that originated with a snippet of plant that came from my Great Aunt Gwen.

My mom had that plant in our house for years and every time the cats would rip off a piece, I'd root and pot it. When I left home for college, I had several spider plants and since then, they've been "making babies" like crazy.

I've probably given away 15 plants to friends, loved ones and coworkers. In fact, I get to see one of my former plants each day in the office, as the coworker I gave it to has it by her desk.

I've even sold extra spider plants at garage sales!

What I love most about my own spider plants at home is how easily and quickly they grow and how well they respond to simple things like a little sunlight and water. They blossom often with sweet, dainty, white flowers, an added bonus to these hardy plants!

Staff writer Kelly Voll can be reached at 282-2239 or Follow her on Twitter at CitizenVoll.

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