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Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week due to personnel changes, injuries and performance on the field, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings fluctuated a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams sought their levels and schedules balanced out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings following Week 17.

RankTeamRecordThe Skinny

1.Patriots13-3Who’s been more consistent, better equipped?

2.Vikings13-3The best balanced, most even keeled of NFC elite

3.Steelers13-3How soon is 84 back, how close to 100 percent?

4.Eagles13–3They’re good but didn’t exactly finish on a roll

5.Rams11-5Can win one, but can they win one in Minnesota, Philly?

6.Saints11-5As improved as ‘D’ is, is it good enough?

7.Panthers11-5Pieces there, hard to trust Newton does enough

8.Falcons10-6Won 7 of last 10 to get in but not last year’s birds

9.Chiefs10-6Can’t count on them, can’t count them out

10.Jaguars10-6Would they rather fight or play football?

11.Chargers9-7Arrow pointing up, but how long can Rivers roll?

12.Titans9-7Saved Mullarkey’s job — for at least a week

13.Bills9-7Drought is over, but is this really a playoff team?

14.Ravens9-7Well, that was certainly a kick in the groin

15.Seahawks9-7Can rebuild around Wilson but lots of work to do

16.Lions9-7Caldwell deserved better

17.Cowboys9-7Does Jerry realize the work this roster needs?

18.49ers6-10Check stats — 5 in a row — NFL's hottest team

19.Washington7-9The Raiders can have John, I’d rather have Jay

20.Cardinals8-8Very sad to see Arians go, happy for his family

21.Bengals7-9Finished strong but retaining Lewis still mistake

22.Packers7-9Capers not problem, guess they learn hard way

23.Dolphins6-10Tannehill better be the answer or Gase in trouble

24.Raiders6-10Really, really hard to take Mark Davis seriously

25.Broncos5-11Joseph deserves 2nd chance, but what about QB?

26.Bears5-11If Pace gets hire right, could be big ’18 surprise

27.Jets5-11Bowles deserved to stay, but does Mccagnan?

28.Bucs5-11Is Jameis Winston really making progress?

29.Texans4-12Will J.J. ever be J.J. again?

30.Colts4-12Pagano’s time had come but this is all about Luck

31.Giants3-13Can Gettleman do enough to give Eli 1 more shot?

32. Browns  0-16  No idea how they justify bringing Jackson back

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