113017 Skan G Bball Dobrovosky

Skaneateles' Olivia Dobrovosky shoots the ball against Marcellus at Skaneateles High School on Nov. 30.

Jeremy Houghtaling, The Citizen

SKANEATELES — Olivia Dobrovosky is finally back on the court and feeling normal.

The Skaneateles guard had her left foot crushed in a four wheeler accident last May. After surgery and countless hours of physical therapy over the summer, Dobrovosky is three games into her junior season.

Although there's still some occasional pain and swelling, Dobrovosky has shown her resiliency by leading the Lakers to a 3-0 start this season.

“In the beginning, I was a little tight in my game,” Dobrovosky said. “I was just getting used to being with other people and moving with other people. Since I’ve been playing, I feel normal.”

Dobrovosky recorded a team-high 30 points in Skaneateles' 76-41 win over Jordan-Elbridge Wednesday night. The four-year starter has 55 points in the first three games.

But for Lakers coach Camille Murphy, Dobrovosky's value to the team can't be quantified with statistics.

“For her, she’s such a selfless person, so she’ll do whatever you need her to do,” Murphy said. “Just the fact that she’s here playing shows that she’s committed and she’s all in. The team follows her lead. ... The kid’s a warrior and she’s going to get it done. That’s how we are. We’re going to get it done.”

Although it wasn't during the varsity season, Murphy found out about Dobrovosky's injury shortly after it happened. She recalled being confused as to why Dobrovosky's mother would call her in May.

“She was just like ‘Well, she broke her foot,’ and immediately got into the conversation,” Murphy said. “She said it was pretty bad and she was going to miss (summer) basketball, and I immediately thought about her as a person. She works really hard, and I’m like ‘Man, this is going to kill her not being able to do the things she wants to do. She won’t be able to work out with her team or play lacrosse. She missed out on an awesome season.’”

Sidelined for lacrosse season — one which the Lakers won the state championship — Dobrovosky still tried to make it to every game. After surgery to add a plate and screws, Dobrovosky spent two weeks with her foot wrapped, another two in a hard cast and then even more time in a boot.

Just relearning how to walk was a long process.

“It was really hard to start walking again,” Dobrovosky said. “I had to go to physical therapy three times a week. My calf was so small. I had no muscle left in it. It was really gross, actually. It was still swollen and green.”

Dobrovosky finally felt comfortable walking in a sneaker in late August and was cleared to play a month later. She chose to sit out from soccer season to prepare for the varsity basketball season.

Although there's still some pain and swelling, Dobrovosky expects that to fade away. Now she's focused on getting her team back into sectionals.

“She never complains about being sore,” Murphy said. “If it ever hurts, she just says ‘Coach, my foot hurts’ and she steps out for a second. Next thing I know, she’s running right back in there with her practice jersey on. She’s super resilient.”

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