Details for Daily bridge

Bridge By Phillip Alder


do not be afraid to take the money

Dealer: East
Vulnerable: Both
♦ -♣8654
♠ Q J 10 6 5



♥ 10
♦ Q J 10 8 7 6 4 2
♣ Q 10 7






1 NT

Opening lead: ♣ A
Scott Alexander, a baseball
pitcher who has played for both
the Royals and the Dodgers, said,
“Making money is a hobby that will
complement any other hobbies you
have, beautifully.”
At the bridge table, sometimes
it is better just to take the money
on offer and not try for the treasure
chest at the end of the rainbow.
In this deal, East opens one noCOPYRIGHT: 2019, UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE

trump, South jumps bravely to four
diamonds despite being vulnerable,
West makes a value-showing double,
and North passes. What should East
do now?
This situation occurred 12 times
at Bridge Base Online. There is only
one sensible call by East -- pass.
Surely the contract must fail, and
even if it is only down two for plus
500 when East-West could make a
vulnerable game, are they sure to
find the right game?
If not allowed to pass, I would
bid four no-trump, preferring that
strain on a deal when suits are probably breaking badly. Here, declarer
rates to take one spade, four hearts,
two diamonds and three clubs.
At BBO, though, 11 Easts bid
four hearts, being doubled twice.
How did that contract get on?
Four hearts was not a success.
South led the diamond queen. North
ruffed, cashed the spade king and
continued with the spade ace. Almost
every South, worried that East would
be able to ruff the third spade high,
trumped and gave partner another
diamond ruff for down one. Only one
South discarded, trumped the third
spade and gave partner another ruff
for down two, plus 500.
Four diamonds doubled can cost
800 after club ace, club to the king,
club ruff, heart to the ace and await
two more trump tricks.
Don’t be afraid to pass at such a
high level with a balanced hand.
Wed., 5/15


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