Details for Daily Bridge

Bridge By Phillip Alder


with good shape, try to declare

Dealer: East
Vulnerable: North-South

♠ 10 4
♥ A 10 7 6 4 3
♣ -West
♦ K Q J 10

♥ -♦963
♣ 10 7 5 4








Opening lead: ♥ 5
To start today, look only at the
North hand in the diagram. NorthSouth are vulnerable. East opens
two spades, South passes, and West
raises to four spades. What should
North do, if anything?
Yesterday, East (as he is sitting
today) went down two in four spades
after diamond to the ace, diamond
ruff, club ruff, diamond ruff, club ruff.
But that was a poor profit for NorthCOPYRIGHT: 2019, UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE

At the other table, North knew
that although he had only 8 high-card
points, his great distribution was
worth a lot. Despite the unfavorable
vulnerability, he intervened with four
no-trump. This showed two five-card
or longer suits.
After East passed, South
advanced with five clubs, West
doubled, North bid five diamonds,
announcing the red suits, South gave
preference to five hearts, and West
doubled again. What did West lead?
West led a trump. It was an
excellent choice, but the play went:
heart to the nine, club ruff, diamond
ace, diamond ruff, club ruff, diamond
ruff, club ruff, diamond ruff, club
jack. When West ruffed, declarer
overruffed on the board, drew West’s
last trump with the heart ace and
cashed the diamond eight to make
the contract.
West shook his head, muttering
about his 20-count. But as Albert
Dormer, one of the best bridge writers ever, pointed out: “When three
players are bidding vigorously, the
fourth player with a strong balanced
hand should proceed with caution:
the others may all have freak distributions. It will often be better to
support partner than to double for

Sat., 3/16


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