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ARE YOU AT RISK FOR MAKE A CHANGE FOR LIFE Join Prevent T2 Let’s Get Started A National Diabetes Prevention Program Prevent T2 Class Starting March 14 • 5-6pm Using a CDC-approved curriculum, our certified lifestyle coach will help you reach the following goals: Cayuga Community Health Network • Lose a minimum of 5-7% of your body weight. East Hill Medical Center • Increase physical activity to 150 minutes or more per week. offered by at the You immediately qualify for this program if you have one of the following: • Live a healthier lifestyle. In this program, there are 16 weekly sessions in the first 6 months, followed by monthly sessions for the last 6 months. Also get the opportunity to join the Auburn YMCA Fighting Insulin Resistance with Strength Training (F.I.R.S.T) program. Studies have shown that this program could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58 percent. • An A1c blood value between 5.7-6.4. (You were diagnosed with prediabetes.) • A history of gestational diabetes. • Overweight and inactive (age 18 or older). • Age 65 or older. • A score of 9 or higher on the pre-test. (Call 315-252-4212 to do the test over the phone.) Register now! Contact Georgette Jones MA, MPH 315-252-4212 • Receive education, support and tools to help with weight loss for one year! $25 Per Person Cost can be covered with cash, Medicare or agency scholarship.

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