Details for Fidelis Care Every Child Covered Order

Happy, healthy, loved. These are the dreams we have for our families
and friends.
So we cherish the moments that make us smile and inspire us to grow...
when we move, create, serve, play, teach, do. When we care.
This is how health rises in each of us, and in our homes and communities.
Because when we’re being ourselves, we all feel better.

Let’s get everyone covered.
If you or someone you know needs health insurance,
Fidelis Care is just a call, click, or visit away.

Call: 1-888-FIDELIS
Visit: A Fidelis Care community office
near you. Search for locations

1-888-FIDELIS •

TTY: 711

To learn more about applying for health insurance, including Medicaid, Child
Health Plus, Essential Plan, and Qualified Health Plans through NY State of
Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace, visit
or call 1-855-355-5777.


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