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Spring is welcome, but it brings home-maintenance chores

the ladder, make sure
that your rain gutters
Spring has finally
and downspouts are clear
sprung, but all
of any leaves or other
homeowners should give
debris that may have
their property a checkup
accumulated during the
now to make sure it’s
fall or winter. Also check
ready for the warmer
the flashing or sealant
months ahead.
around any chimneys,
skylights or plumbing
vents that your property
first-time homeowners,
may have, to ensure that
having bought our
they are watertight.
house in November. Our
Inspect your driveway,
landlord always took care
patio or any other
of our old apartment’s
patches of cement on
maintenance duties when
your property for small
spring arrived, but we will cracks or fissures. Even
have to do them ourselves the smallest of openings
now because we don’t have can sprout bothersome
enough money to hire a
weeds after the spring
maintenance person. What rains, or even gradually fill
should we pay attention
with water that can cause
Also use a screwdriver
Congratulations, and
or long nail to probe the
welcome to the world of
frames around windows,
homeownership, We greet doors and any other wood
you with the open arms
that’s been exposed to
of everything that your
Mother Nature. If the
landlord used to take care wood is soft or rotting,
you’ll need to make repairs
For all owners, new or
before spring rains cause
not, when spring arrives,
further damage.
many of the maintenance
Like inspecting the
concerns involve issues
outside of your home, it
that are outside of the
can also be a bit simpler
home rather than inside.
to check the interior of
Start by inspecting the
your house this spring
roof. Using a household
by starting from the top
ladder and binoculars,
and working your way
stand outside of your
down to the bottom. If
home to see if any shingles you have an attic or small
or tiles were lost or
crawlspace above your
damaged during winter
ceiling, take appropriate
storms. They need to be
action immediately if you
repaired or replaced to
find any evidence of insect
avoid leaky ceilings or
or rodent infestation, or if
other potentially costly
you see odd-colored stains
problems later.
that could be telltale signs
While you’re up on
of mold.

It’s also the time to give
all of your living areas a
thorough cleaning. Many
homeowners get the inside
of their homes sparkling
clean for friends who visit
during the winter holidays,
but then put their cleaning
supplies away even before
the last piece of pizza or
bowl of nachos is dropped
on the living room floor
during the Super Bowl in
early February. That’s a
perfect recipe to foster all
sorts of allergies or other
Spring is also a good
time to take basic steps
to tune up your airconditioning unit for the
warmer months ahead (see
the owner’s manual for
details), and to clean or
change the filter on your

If you have a basement,
conduct your spring
checkup as if you had an
attic: Check for signs of
infestation by rodents or
insects, or the presence of
mold. Dampness in the
basement may signal other
problems, such as aboveaverage humidity in the
room or poor ventilation.
That’s not good, either.
Some of these
maintenance chores can be
performed by even novice
homeowners, with simple
and inexpensive supplies
purchased from a local
hardware store or homeimprovement center. But
others, like a roof that your
initial inspection suggests
needs major repairs,
should be handled by a

barn, garage for owner
Rebecca Moshaty at 31
Richardson Ave., $16,000.
• Eddie's Masonry,
remodel basement
for owner Kathleen E.
Turenne at 31 Chapman
Ave., $4,000.
• North Brook Farms,

commercial remodel for
owner Grant Kyle at 38 W.
Garden St., $5,000.
• Frederick Plis, install
three windows at 217-219
State St., $300.

licensed contractor.
TRIVIA: At 31,700 square
miles, the beloved Lake
Superior is greater than
the combined land mass of
Vermont, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, Connecticut
and New Hampshire.
homeowners, and we filed
our federal tax return on
Feb. 2, expecting a tax
refund of $1,213. To date,
no refund check has been
received. What gives?
ANSWER: The Internal
Revenue Service was
slowed by the temporary
federal shutdown of most
government offices earlier
this year. But the IRS is
finally getting back to

speed, so your refund
check should arrive soon.
The fastest and easiest
way to check the status
of your refund is to visit
the agency’s website,, and click
the “Refunds” button
on its home page. You’ll
quickly get an answer
after entering your
Social Security or Tax ID
number, your filing status
and the amount of the
refund that you are owed.
People who don’t have
access to the internet can
get an update on the status
of their refund by calling
the IRS toll-free, 1-800829-4477.
(c)2019 Cowles Syndicate Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Building Permits
The building inspector
issued a permit to Kirk
Liskow for commercial
remodel for owner
Amerco Real Estate Co.
at 46 North St., $100,000.
The inspector also issued
the following permits:
• Patricia A. Gagan,
remodel kitchen at 78
Mary St., $12,000.
• Tarson Enterprises,
install 24-by-14 in-ground
pool for owner William R.
Meyer at 29 Drummon St.,
• Bank of America
NA, remodel house at 65
Fleming St., $25,000.
• Dana Botindari
Construction, install metal
roof over one existing
layer for owner Southview
Assets at 144 Standart
Ave., $10,990.
• Shelly Del Favero,
remodel kitchen at 173
Van Anden St., $20,000.
• Federal NA Associates,
remodel house at 6
Parsons St., $8,000.
• Anthony Elice
Construction, remodel
entire house for owner
David A. Morabito at 13

Seymour St., $9,000.
• Marcus A. Babb,
kitchen remodel of No. 4
downstairs apartment and
miscellaneous patching of
No. 4 upstairs apartment
at 4-6 Nelson St., $500.
• Kassis Superior Sign
Co. Inc., install two
attached non-illuminated
and one attached
illuminated "AAI PowerFlo Technologies" signs
for owner 70 Wright
Circle LLC at 70 Wright
Circle, $7,000.
• William Juhl, repair
front porch at 14 Nelson
St., $800.
• Ben McIntosh,
remodel second-floor
bedroom at 20 Owasco
St., $1,000.
• Eby Enterprises,
install 24-by-24 feet pole

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