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Section d

Property Transfers
City of Auburn
Equalization rate 100
• DBJ Developments,
LLC, 152 State St. Road,
Auburn, to Seth A. Kieffer,
25 South St., Apt. D105,
Marcellus, property at
68 Cayuga St., Auburn,
$94,000. Assessment
• F. Rizzo Construction,
Inc., 162 York St., Auburn,
to JRPD Holdings, LLC,
130 Genesee St., Suite 240,
Auburn, properties at 2
and 4 Commerce Way,
Auburn, $0. Assessments,
$41,000, $39,000.
• ROI Strategies, LLC,
Reno, NV, to Home
Partners, LLC, Reno, NV,
property at 121 E. Genesee
St., Auburn, $17,826.
Assessment $70,300.
• William E. Kuter, 108
Standart Ave., Auburn, to
Cayuga County Habitat for
Humanity, 110 Genesee
St., Suite 140, Auburn,
property at 108 Standart
Ave., 0. Assessment
• Linda L. Swan, 152
Perrine St., Auburn, to
Linda L. Swan and Thomas
A. Swan, 152 Perrine St.,
property at 152 Perine St.,
Auburn, $0. Assessment
• Alan J. Wilson and
Karen B. Wilson, 48 Lake
Ave., Auburn, to Alan
J. Wilson and Karen B.
Wilson, as Co-Trustees
of the Alan J. Wilson and
Karen B. Wilson Revocable
Trust, 48 Lake Ave.,
property at 48 Lake Ave.,
Auburn, $0. Assessment
• Michelle M. Sennett,
aka Michele M. Sennett,
5857 South St. Road,
Auburn, and Mary H.
Sennett, Finger Lakes
Center of the Living, 20
Park Ave., to William M.
Denman, 4154 Gahwiler
Road, Moravia, property
at 54 Jarvis Road, Auburn,
$70,000. Assessment
• Gary W. Hilliard, 26
Morris St., Auburn, to
KMFB Properties, LLC,
P.O. Box 103, Auburn,
$38,000. Assessment
• Jami R. Baker, 39
Seymour St., Auburn, to
KMFB Properties, LLC,

P.O. Box 103, Auburn, $).
Assessment $77,600.
Town of Aurelius
Equalization rate 86
• Paul W. Pinckney and
Deborah A. Pinckney, 2035
Pinckney Road, Auburn,
to Ricky R. Smith, Jr., and
Jamie L. Smith, 71 Swift
St., Auburn, property
at P.O. 2035 Pinckney
Road, Aurelius, $13,000.
Assessment $269,100.
• David E. Hunter, 231
W. Genesee St., Cayuga,
to David E. Hunter
and Cheryl L. Hunter,
231 W. Genesee St.,
Cayuga, property at 231
Genesee St., Cayuga, $10.
Assessment $74,000.
Town of Brutus
Equalization rate 100
• Michael Slauson, 8483
Ball Road, Weedsport, as
Executor of the Last Will
and Testament of Judith
B. Slauson, to Michael
Slauson, property at 8483
Ball Road, Weedsport, $0.
Assessment $169,400.
• Richard M. Wright
and Rebecca J. Wright,
1664 Carley Drive, Port
Byron, to Dustan M. Wade
and Stephanie J. Wade,
72 Elizabeth St., Auburn,
property at 8767 Horton
St., Brutus, $131,400.
Assessment $120,800.
Town of Cato
Equalization rate 100
• Janet M. Monica by
Riccardo Galbato Esq.,
referee, 71 Genesee
St., Auburn, to Federal
Home Loan Mortgage
Corporation, Carrollton,
TX, property at 3111 state
Route 370, Cato, $31,500.
Assessment $74,600.
• Paul A. Engle,
Individually and as Trustee
of the PALE Living Trust,
2551 E. Main St., Cato,
to Edward Mossow,
3167 Lockwood Road,
Weedsport, property at
2551 E. Main St., Ira,
$20,000. Assessment
Town of Conquest
Equalization rate 100
• Robert L. Greenwald
and Alma J. Greenwald,
105 E. Chariot Ave.,
Elbridge, to Adelbert A.

Hurd, Jr., and Carol Hurd,
1586 Bush Hill Road, Port
Byron, property at 1586
Bush Hill Road, Conquest,
$14,900. Assessment

aka Gerald F. Smith,
Sr., to Frank T. Hurd,
8693 Centerport Road,
Weedsport, property at 25
Pine St., Mentz, $10,000.
Assessment $71,000.

Town of Fleming
Equalization rate 36
• Cheryl L. Festa, fka
Cheryl L. Cole, 6029
Lake Ave. Ext., Auburn,
to Alexis J. Brown, 255
E. Genesee St., Auburn,
property at 6029 Lake Ave.
Ext., Auburn, $149,000.
Assessment $65,000.

Town of Moravia
Equalization rate 91
• Justin D. Strong, 21
Aurora St., Moravia, to
David S. Graham and
Allyssa G. Graham, 44
Buck Road, Apt. E.,
Lansing, property at 21
Aurora St., Moravia,
$125,000. Assessment
• Anthony Wood, 6080
Mitchell Road, Moravia, to
Jody Butts II, 231 N. Main
St., Moravia, property at
235 N. Main St, $9,000.
Assessment $18,000.

Town of Genoa
Equalization rate 100
• Barbara C. Hoag, 2356
state Route 34, Venice
Center, to Zachary J.
Purington and Amanda
Purington, 586 Sharpsteen
Road, Locke, property
at 592 Sharpsteen
Road, Genoa, $38,500.
Assessment $91,400.
• Jon A. Gans and
Kristine T. Gans, 358 Main
St., Ledyard, to Kristine
T. Gans, 2455 Cook Road,
Venice, property at 6
Atwater Road, Genoa, $1.
Assessment $37,000.
Town of Locke
Equalization rate 98
• Roger R. Ward, Sr.,
and Arlene E. Ward, 104
Church St., Groton, to
Gary A. Bouck, II, and
Meghan J. Bouck, 963
Mill St., Locke, property
at 963 Mill St.,$70,000.
Assessment $52,400.
Town of Mentz
Equalization rate 100
• Secretary of the U.S.
Department of Housing
and Urban Development,
Washington, D.C., to
Matthias E. Mullins 9037
N. Main St., Port Byron,
property at 22 Shotwell
St., Mentz, $75,000.
Assessment $100,400.
• Betty J. Spinosa, 90
Rochester St., Port Byron,
to Richard Spinosa, P.O.
Box 442, Weedsport, and
John R. Spinosa, Ocala, FL,
property at 90 Rochester
St., Mentz, $1. Assessment
• Pamela A. Smith, 31
Delevan St., Auburn, as
Executrix of the Estate
of Gerald F. Smith,

Town of Niles
Equalization rate 95
• Elizabeth A. Sharp,
57 ½ Cayuga St., Homer,
to Elizabeth A. Sharp, as
Trustee of The Elizabeth
A. Sharp Revocable Trust,
property at 100 Lakewood
Lane, Niles, $0. Assessment
Town of Owasco
Equalization rate 83
• Elissa M. Rozanski,
4310 Hepatica Hill Road,
Manlius, as Trustee
of the John P. Cresco
and Carolyn Cresco
Irrevocable Trust, to
Joseph Reding and Patricia
Reding, 80 Gorwydd
Lane, Cayuga, property
at 383 Cottonwood
Lane, Owasco, $270,000.
Assessment $195,300.
• David Fleming and
Marsh Fleming, Bluffton,
SC, to David Fleming
and Marsha Fleming, as
Trustees of the Marsha
H. Fleming Revocable
Trust, property at 59
WIllowbrook Drive,
Auburn, $0. Assessment
Town of Scipio
Equalization rate 100
• Donald P. Camp,
as Administrator of the
Estate of E. Lois Camp,
3966 Walworth-Ontario
Road, Walworth, to
Donald Kennedy, 247
Route 210, Stony Point,
property at state Route 38,

Scipio, $2,000. Assessment
Town of Springport
Equalization rate 83
• David G. Palmer, 4290
state Route 90N, Union
Springs, to Edward G.
Soyke, Jr., and Charlene
Soyke, 2211 Lake Road,
Aurora, property at state
Route 90, Springport,
$25,000. Assessment
• Jolene M. Morneault,
as Trustee of the
Zadvorney 2018 Family
Trust, 8569 The Meadows
South, East Amherst, to
Jacqueline Mansfield, 200
Front St., Vestal, property
at 695 Fries Cove Road,
Springport, $250,000.
Assessment $169,400.

to Diane Trentini, 4
Thornfield Way, Fairport,
property at 14650 Fancher
Road, $54,000. Assessment
• Jo Ann Richardson,
14792 Cayuga St., Sterling,
and Bobbi Ann Story, 474
Mountain Road, Windsor,
to Sandra L. Miller and
Brittany L. Jackson, P.O.
Box 341, Fair Haven,
property at 14430 S.
Richmond Ave., Sterling
$59,000. Assessment

Town of Summerhill
Equalization rate 95
• Coretta A. Smith, as
Executor of the Last Will
and Testament of Leatha I.
Smith, 14814 state Route
9, Cortland, to Coretta A.
Smith, 14814 state Route
Town of Sterling
90, property at 14814 state
Equalization rate 100
Route 90, Summerhill, $1.
• Mary Elmer, 55 Ayrault Assessment $58,25.
Road, Apt. 249, Fairport,
and Gwen Watkins, 8
Town of Throop
Linden Cove, Pittsford,
Equalization rate 100
being the heirs at law and
• James H. Orman, Jr.,
sole distributes of James
160 Genesee St., Auburn,
M. Porter and Alice S.
as Administrator of the
Porter, to Diane Trentini,
Estate of Elwyn Ralph
4 Thornfield Way,
Caldwell, to Katherine
Fairport, property at 14650 Penird, 7774 Centerport
Fancher Road, Sterling, $0. Road, Auburn, property
Assessment $26,200.
at 7766 Centerport Road,
• Kimberly Elmer,
Throop, $700. Assessment
Ottawa, Canada, Stephany $10,000.
Elmer-Scott, 4952 Butler
Road, Canandaigua, and
Mark Elmer, 1286 Mile
Square Road, Mendon,


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