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Celebrating National Library Week

Libraries = Strong Communities
First introduced in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored
by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries, big and small, all across
the country. It is a time to celebrate the valuable role libraries, librarians and library
workers play in transforming lives and communities. Libraries are at the heart of
their cities, towns, schools and campuses. They have public spaces where people of
all backgrounds can come together and connect. How can you celebrate? Here are
some suggestions:

Visit your library.

Head to your public, school, or academic
library during National Library Week to
see what’s new and take part in their
unique celebration.

Show your support for
libraries on social media.

Follow your library, the American
Library Association, and I Love
Libraries on social media and join the
celebration on social media by using
the hashtags #NationalLibraryWeek
and #LibrariesTransform.
Newspaper Activities:

Like libraries, local newspapers help strengthen the communities they serve. Here are several ways
you could use your newspaper and your favorite library together to participate in National Library



Select a photograph or other graphic image of something local from the newspaper and
pretend it is the cover art for a book. Make up a title for the book and then write a few
sentences about the book and whether the book is �iction or non-�iction.
Choose a comic strip from the newspaper. Based on what you know of the cartoon characters,
draw a comic strip with these characters visiting their local libaray. Imagine what each
character might ask the librarian.
Select a current news story and looking through the books or other media available at your
library, make a connection between the article and a book or movie you’ve checked out or
are planning to borrow. (Example: a news report about hockey - the autobiography of Gordie
Howe, “Mr. Hockey: My Story “) What is it that connects your news item and library selection?
�isit your favorite library and �ind a book that interests you. Then looking through the
newspaper, �ind an article that grabs your attention. What do these things have in common?
How are they different?

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