Details for Notice of Adoption

Notice of AdoptioN of A LocAL LAw couNty of cAyugA STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF CAYUGA LocAL LAw No. 1 of 2019 couNty of cAyugA, StAte of New yoRK A LocAL LAw AMeNdiNg LocAL LAw No.: 4 of 1992 cHANgiNg tHe teRM of office fRoM fouR yeARS to two yeARS foR cAyugA couNty LegiSLAtoRS RuNNiNg foR tHe teRM BegiNNiNg JANuARy 1, 2022 ANd cHANgiNg tHe teRM LiMit foR LegiSLAtoRS fRoM tHRee teRMS to tHRee fuLL eLected fouR yeAR teRMS BE IT ENACTED by the County Legislature of Cayuga County, State of New York as follows: SECTION 1: LEGISLATIVE INTENT It is the intent of this Local Law, consistent with the powers granted to county government pursuant to County Law § 400(a), the Municipal Home Rule Law, and such other laws as may be applicable, to: A. Fix the term of office for Cayuga County Legislators from four years to two years for those legislators whose term of office begins on January 1, 2022 and setting the term of office for all Cayuga County Legislators to four years for the term of office beginning on January 1, 2024, so that all Legislators from that date forward will be elected to concurrent four-year terms. B. In addition, Local Law No. 8 of 2007 amended Local Law 7 of 1995 and Local Law 4 of 1992 to change the term limit for Cayuga County Legislators from twelve (12) years to three (3) terms. It is the intent of the Cayuga County Legislature to modify the limitation on service as a Legislator from three (3) terms to fourteen (14) years to accommodate the durational change of the term of Legislator as well as appropriately addressing mid-term appointments. SECTION 2: LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS The Cayuga County Legislature hereby finds as follows: A. Local Law No.: 7 of 1995 amended Local Law No.: 4 of 1992 effectuating staggered terms for Cayuga County Legislators such that elections for the Offices of Cayuga County Legislator occur every two years; elections for odd numbered districts in one year, followed by elections for even numbered districts two years later. The population has historically shifted throughout the county, which will require a reapportionment and redistricting of legislative district lines. Staggered terms of the legislative body make redistricting difficult, if not impossible. A decennial assessment of voting strength and district lines is critical to ensure a fair and democratic process. Therefore, it is the intent of the Cayuga County Legislature to modify its election cycle such that the term of all members of the Legislature will expire at the end of 2023 thereby allowing, if necessary, modification of district lines, and continuing concurrent four-year terms for all members of the Cayuga County Legislature thereafter. SECTION 3: TERM, RESIDENCY, TERM LIMIT A. Section 2 of Local Law No. 4 of 1992 for the County of Cayuga, New York, is hereby amended to read, in its entirety: Section 2: Term and Residency (2.1) Residency: Each Legislator shall be a resident of the district he or she represents. (2.2) Term: The Term of Office for Legislators shall commence January 1st of the year following an election at where there is an election of Legislators and the Terms shall run as follows: (2.2.1) At the General Election held in November of 2021, Legislators elected in districts with odd numbers shall have a two-year term. (2.2.2) At the General Election held in November of 2023, and all subsequent elections, Legislators elected for any district shall have a four-year term. (2.3) Term Limit: Any person who has been elected to three full four year terms on the Legislature shall be ineligible to run for an additional full or partial term. Service as a County Legislator before January 1, 2008 shall not be considered for purposes of this term limit calculation. SECTION 4: MANDATORY REFERENDUM This Local Law is subject to a Mandatory Referendum and pursuant to Section 23 of the Municipal Home Rule Law of the State of New York, shall be submitted for approval of the electors of Cayuga County and placed on the ballot for the General Election occurring in November of 2019. SECTION 5: REPEALER A. Local Law No. 7 of 1995 is hereby repealed. B. Local Law No. 8 of 2007 is hereby repealed. SECTION 6: EFFECT ON OTHER LAWS A. Local Law No. 4 of 1992 shall remain the same in all other respects except as specifically provided otherwise herein. B. If this Local Law is defeated by the negative vote of a majority of the qualified electors of the County of Cayuga at referendum, Local Laws Nos. 4 of 1992, 7 of 1995, and 8 of 2007 shall remain in full force and effect as therein enacted. SECTION 7: SAVINGS CLAUSE A. If any portion of this Law shall be adjudged by the courts to be invalid, it is the intention of the Legislature that said judgment shall not affect the remainder thereof if the remainder is sufficient to carry out the intent of this Law. SECTION 8: EFFECTIVE DATE This Local Law shall take effect as provided by law in the case of a local law subject to mandatory referendum. DATED: 05-28-19 Certified by: Sheila Smith Cayuga County Legislature Adopted: May 28, 2019 T2, 6/18, 6/25

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